Jewellery Tips for the Diamond Face Shape

The oval face shape has often been the envy of many women who possess a more angular visage. This is mainly because the classic oval’s smooth silhouette creates the perfect canvas for ladies to complement its appearance with a wide array of jewellery. However, this doesn’t mean that ladies who have other distinctive face shapes won’t also be able to beautifully highlight their unique features with fashionable jewellery pieces. Take into consideration the face shape that most closely resembles the classic oval; commonly referred to as the diamond face.

giphy11The diamond is often identified by a small forehead that gracefully continues to its widest portion, between the eye and cheek areas. Then the remainder of the diamond’s natural curvilinear lines seamlessly continue, and taper to a narrow chin. In order to elegantly highlight this feminine shape with jewellery, it’s imperative that the pieces are proportionate to the wearer’s size; and they simultaneously create the illusion of an oval shape.

For example, to elegantly frame the face and create the appearance of a fuller jawline, donning chokers and high collar necklaces is the perfect style solution. In contrast, wearing longer length necklaces (e.g. princess length) will help to create the illusion of a narrower chin-line (or longer neckline). These are the best choices for women who have a short neck, or full face.

When choosing specific earring styles, gentle designs in: pearl, teardrop, oval, button and hoop shapes are both flattering and classic options. If accentuating the diamond’s angular planes is the desired effect, then donning triangular designs (or any earrings) with sharp corners, points, hard edges or crystals that sweep up the sides of the ears will also work beautifully. Of course, delicate dangling earrings and drop crystals will create the opposite effect (if they aren’t too wide or long).

Although the distinctive features of the diamond face shape does not entirely resemble the smooth and classic features of the oval, there are a number of feminine and dynamic looks that can be created with