Icelandic Jeweller Aurum

Icelandic Jeweller Aurum by Guðbjörg Launch New Kolga Collection Inspired by Norse Mythology

KOLGA is the latest collection launch from leading Icelandic jeweller Aurum by Guðbjörg.

Featuring an arresting campaign shot in black and white, KOLGA is named for and inspired by the eldest of the nine daughters of the Norse gods of the Northern Seas. Meaning ‘Cold One’ the KOLGA collection honors the spirits of this majestic sea.  Known as the ice maiden of the ocean, Kolga rests lightly on a strong foundation. Her form is reminiscent of a delicate creature that gets its nourishment from the sea but rests on land.   She is sharp but sparkling and in her, and in the jewellery, we feel the transience of a moment.

Designer and goldsmith Guðbjörg expertly reflects this sense in her jewellery designs.  Icy, sculptural and wave like forms are crafted from 925 sterling silver and oxidised silver, with some plated gold pieces.  Beautiful pearls add a luminescence to standout pieces in the range, evoking the many troughs and crests in the colours of the sea.

In keeping with the brand’s core ethos of creating responsible, mindful and sustainable jewellery, each piece is crafted from recycled sterling silver at the brand’s integrated workshop in Reykjavik.  All Aurum’s packaging too is sustainable and ethically sourced, having been lovingly created from the paper from a Mulberry tree to resemble one of the stones found on the beaches of the Western Fjords in Iceland.

The new collection launches this Autumn and is available to purchase internationally from