Choosing the perfect makeup palette

This spring, the perfect makeup palette is filled with vibrant colors. Achieving the season’s hottest trends, including pink berry lips, is easy with tips from the experts. Renowned makeup artist Carmindy, from TLC’s “What Not To Wear,” shares her favourites:

 Pink Berry Lips: This spring, femininity ruled the fashion runways and pink berry lips were a must-have. The key to achieving this look is to make lips appear as though they are naturally stained a rich juicy shade of berry. Dab a Q-tips cotton swab into the berry shade of lip color and apply to your lips so the edges are soft and the color is muted. Prevent lip color from bleeding by dipping them into translucent loose powder and applying powder along the outer edge of lips. The powder will help the lip color stay through the night.

Water Works: Aqua blues and sea foam greens are the hottest eye shadow hues of the season and can easily help update your look. Use a Q-tips cotton swab to mix multiple bright-colored eye shadows and to softly apply them so colors don’t appear too harsh. Then, dab light pink or white shimmer in the corner of the eye to brighten and lighten up your entire look. And don’t worry about washing your brushes: Q-tips are conveniently disposable so you can use a new one for each color and zap your prep time in half while ensuring brilliant color.

Strategic Shimmer: Applying shimmer can be tricky, so knowing the right places will help you master this look. The best shimmer spots are under the eyebrows, on the inside corner of the eyes, on top of the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. To avoid applying too much sparkle, use a Q-tips cotton swab to pick up just the right amount-they allow for precise makeup application.

The Magic Eraser: Have you ever flawlessly applied your mascara and then sneezed, ruining everything? Mistakes happen, but can easily be erased with Q-tips cotton swabs-your very own magic beauty wand. Q-tips cotton swabs have more cotton at the tip than any other cotton swab, so they can be used to create a fine tip for precise application or removal. Simply dip one into foundation and roll over the mistake to eliminate without having to remove makeup and start all over again.

Crease Control: No matter how hard we try, eye shadow on the lids seems to crease by the end of the day. A tip: Use Q-tips to smudge the shadow right back in place.

“Q-tips cotton swabs are the ultimate beauty tool for blending, applying or removing makeup,” says Carmindy. “They can help even the busiest women transform their looks quickly and easily.”