Andrea Roman is a young Italian fashion designer born and raised in a small village near Venice. After attending high school Andrea has moved to London starting his career at Istituto Marangoni London. His work consist in traditional menswear and tailoring with experimental textiles and artisan manipulations.

Inspired by the ruins that earthquakes left in central Italy, and other dramatic events, this modern vision of a classic menswear collection extracts the feelings from these moments in their purest forms.

Intricate manipulations, innovative textiles combined with traditional shapes and artisanal hand-work engender a fresh collection. Anxiety kindled by the crisis unveils raw edges, unfinished sections and transparencies, through a blend with clean finishes and tailoring elements, one is then lead to their rebirth.

Andrea Roman collection is full of inspiration and acceptance. A master piece in every way.

This is where it all begins
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